For Those About To Bill (We Salute Bill)

A high school friend of ours, Bill is a regular commenter here on Songspeak, . We’re grateful to Bill for the tip about AC/DC providing the soundtrack to Iron Man 2. Witness the IM madness: jamie: it’s all thanks to bill matt: should have titled it shoot to bill matt: for those about to bill,…

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Wouldn’t Black Sabbath make more sense?

Thanks to Bill for sending me this link earlier today. It seems that the soundtrack for Iron Man 2 will consist of solely AC/DC songs, and the soundtrack, available April 19, 2010, will be called AC/DC: Iron Man 2. One would think that AC/DC recorded a new track or two for the soundtrack, like Big…

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Where does Eric Clapton get off?

In this new spot for T-Mobile’s myTouch 3G Fender Limited Edition smartphone, Eric Clapton brags about being friends with Buddy Guy while getting off on 57 Chevys and screaming guitars. One thing is certainly clear, and that is that Clapton needs to get a haircut. I get off on ’57 Chevys; I get off on…

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