You know how you can be listening to a song for years and years and never hear things that someone else hears? That’s what’s so great about popular music, really. There’s a little something for everyone. My bandmate Steve has brought something to my attention that I hadn’t ever realized/heard in the opening lines of…

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Barenaked Ladies Are Me…and my friend

Last Friday, I met a friend at Mohegan Sun to see Barenaked Ladies, for which I had complimentary tickets. The show, in a nutshell, was great. I left work promptly at 5pm and made it to Mohegan Sun in an hour and 40 minutes. Not too shabby. My friend arrived shortly thereafter and we went…

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This time, baby, I’ll be here, burnin’ through

So I’ve been hearing a new song on mix 93.1 that I kinda like. Apparently, it’s sung by La Roux, and I always thought it was called “Burnin’ Through” because that’s what it sounds like she says. Apparently I’m horribly mistaken and it’s called “Bulletproof“. Man, is my face red. On a side note, my…

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