Alicia Keys loves a ewe

I’m sure everyone remembers Alicia Keys‘ first single, Fallin’. But what I want to know is, why does she keep singing, “I keep on fallin’, in love, with a ewe”? I mean, to each her own, I suppose, but I find it odd that, not only was she willing to write a song documenting her love affair with sheep, but that so many mainstream radio stations were willing to play it, considering the controversial nature.

We’re pretty open-minded here at Songspeak, so Alicia Keys, if you want to engage in erotic behavior with barnyard animals, that’s nobody’s business but your own. But hearing your song on the radio today made me realize what a freaky-deak you are.

Good luck in your endeavors. I hope you and your woolly lover find true happiness.

"I'm in love...with a ewe."


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