All You Need Is Pants

At a family gathering over the weekend, we got into a discussion about a Facebook fan page that was created by a 2010 Winter Olympics watcher strictly for The Norweigian Curling Team’s Pants. My family being blessed with both Norweigian roots AND a terrible sense of humor led me to say “Norweigian Pants, isn’t that a Beatles song?”… which in turn started a discussion about how you could put the word ‘pants’ into just about any Beatles song title to make it better…

All You Need Is Pants
Norweigian Pants (These Pants Have Flown)
Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Pants
The Pants on the Hill
Back In The U.S.S.Pants
Can’t Buy Me Pants
She Loves Pants (Yeah Yeah Yeah)
In My Pants
A Day In The Pants
And I Love Pants
Pants Together
Here Comes The Pants
Happiness is a Warm Pants
I Saw Pants Standing There
Martha My Pants
P.S. I Love Pants
Strawberry Pants Forever
The Ballad of John and Pants
With A Little Help From My Pants
You’ve Got To Hide Your Pants Away
All My Pantsin’

We went back and forth like this for quite awhile. This may have been the thing to my dad saying that we always post “weird” things on Facebook. He’s not wrong.

Are there more “pants’d” Beatles song titles? List them in the comments!