An Ode To Trader Joe’s

This amusing homemade commercial  for Trader Joe’s is sung to the tune of the bossa nova great “Águas de Março” and was shot on a Palm Treo. Made by by Carl’s Fine Films, it totally nails it.

First learned about this this from Rainn Wilson’s Twitter page: Do you like Trader Joes? I do. And this is a perfect creation. I love art. then BrandFreak.

Lyrics after the jump…

The TJ Song lyrics:

It’s milk, it’s bread,
It’s the stuff on your list
It’s the strange little snacks
You end up buying instead

It’s booze, it’s nuts, it’s pills, it’s peas
It’s the peanut butter made of sunflower seeds
It’s a box of soup, it’s the bell from a boat
It’s yogurt made from the milk from a goat

A bottle of juice with a crazy name
Ten kinds of soy milk that all taste the same
A two dollar wine that tastes like four
All your favorite stuff they don’t have anymore

It’s the cashews flavored with chili and lime
It’s the bunch of bananas you buy one at a time
It’s the stuff that’s organic and the stuff that’s not
It’s the cars that won’t fit in the parking lot

It’s the bottled water they keep by the door
It’s the ginger soy dressing they don’t have anymore
A snort, a sniff, a gourd, a snack
It’s the apple juice that’s addictive as crack

It’s cilantro pizza, it’s organic lox
Four fuji apples in a plastic box
It’s all the new products that come and go
The exact same sample five days in a row

It’s mint flavored dog food, it’s the ear from a pig
It’s your morning coffee in a cup this big
A handle that rips on a paper sack
That checker you like who’ll never be back

It’s the plastic grapes hanging over the wine
It’s the guy with twelve items in the ten item line
The electronic field that stops your cart
The blackboards covered with employee art

It’s a ball of ice cream that’s covered with flour
It’s the shelves that are empty by the dinner hour
It’s the beautiful moms in their yoga clothes
It’s our favorite place, it’s that store, Trader Joe’s

It’s the cage-free eggs that aren’t free range
It’s the canned corn label that they never change
It’s the cereal shaped like a little man
It those great tomatoes for just a dollar a can

It’s five different flavors of lemonade
It’s dried bull penises wound up in a braid
It’s the organic sugar that just won’t pour
It’s the aged gouda cheese they don’t have any more

It’s cylindrical salmon, it’s pills that fizz
It’s aloe chunk juice, whatever that is
It’s the information that nobody reads
It’s a small watermelon without any seeds

It’s the oldies music they always play
It’s that guy who says “put that camera away”
It’s the workers who smoke in the back of the store
It’s that guy Trader Joe who’s not there anymore

It’s the manager who asks you to go
It’s our favorite place, it’s that store, Trader Joe’s