Andre N. Jones speaks!

verballight In an interesting twist to the mystery of who sings background vocals on Kid Rock’s All Summer Long, we received a comment from Andre N. Jones indicating a case of mistaken identity.

On 09.17.08 andre wrote these pithy words:

Hey everybody,
I’m as shocked as everybody else! Although the background vocalist on the song has the same name as I, those vocals are not me. I wish I could claim that it was but it’s not. Thanks guys.

What have we done? The biggest mistake has been made… and the search to identify the other Andre Jones, the person credited with singing background vocals on All Summer Long, continues.

But, mistake or no, we’re glad we had the chance to become more familiar with Andre N. Jones, A.K.A. Drizzrod, a spoken word musician who has a style all his own. He was good enough to answer a few questions for us.

SONGSPEAK: Being a prolific poet and spoken word artist, it must have surprised you to see that others mistakenly credit you for singing background vocals on Kid Rock’s All Summer Long.
ANDRE: It surely did surprise me but it was also very humbling.  I mean, Kid Rock is a major act. I’d love to work with him…

SONGSPEAK: How often do you write? Where do you draw your inspiration? Some of the background to your spoken word is comprised of sounds you make with your voice and layer, while others, like “The Muse” have a hip-hop instrumental element behind them (samples, drums). How do you decide how far to take one of your compositions?
ANDRE: Wow! Did you keep the safety on your machine gun with that question? I try to write everyday.  Sometimes it’s just a line.  Other times it seems like a whole book. My inspirations come from life and the small victories or failures moment to moment. I mean, the pulse of life is always beating but very few of us live to observe the moments when significant stuff metaphorically enhances the way we see it, hear it, touch it, taste it or smell it. As far as the compositions go, I try to work on the structure of a piece. You know, verse, hook verse maybe a bridge or vamp and then find a way to end it with either a third verse or repeat the hook. Once that is done all of the other elements build themselves. Harmonies whisper themselves as suggestions while you’re at work.

SONGSPEAK: You’re a Philadelphia native. What brought you to Wilmington, Delaware?
ANDRE: Tax free shopping (smile)… I have family here and you get more for your money with living expenses.

SONGSPEAK: Any new recordings or projects in the works?
ANDRE: Yes. As a matter of fact, I’m writing some stuff write now. I’m taking my chances with trying to get a piece onto the soundtrack for the new Punisher movie (War Zone) due out in late December this year.  It’ll have a Hip-hop/Rock feel to it. Look for it on Clearchannel’s, before the end of this month. If you see it vote for it. It will be me this time. I promise.

Andre has released a few albums, including Verbal Light (pictured above). His music is available for sale through SNOCAP here: