Are you Ready? Prepare to Lick!

dsrlguy There will soon be a ‘lick-off’ showdown between Eli and Peyton Manning and Venus and Serena Williams. It happens January 18th, 2009, according to, the official site of the Double Stuf Racing League, a cheeky satirical national sports league approach to selling Double Stuf Oreos.

This is serious business, though. Haven’t you seen all the DSRL commercials on television?

From DSRL:

Hold onto your milk, there’s going to be unbelievable cookie action when the Williams sisters and the Mannings brothers lick off for the DSRL crown on January 18, 2009.

The two sets of siblings are set to lick off against each other in an event that has been dubbed in some circles as “The Thrilla with Vanilla”. One thing is for sure, cookies will crumble!

The amusing DSRL commercials that have been airing periodically the past year or so features the DSRL theme song, one of the more awesomer theme songs to hit television commercials IMHO. It’s by Lords Of The Future, who we could find no information about on the interwebs, sadly.

Just listen to the awesomness in all its double stuffed glory:


its the league of the future
for mighty and the bold
legends will be made
once the fever takes hold
enter the arena
battle for the crown
who will be the victor
who’s the best around


make like the thunder
twist like the wind
dunk like a volcano
its time for us to win


game day has arrived
the future is now
are you ready?
prepare to lick!!!!!!!!!!!