Army National Guard commercial with Kid Rock, in theaters now

Kid Rock, Dale Earnhardt Jr. and The Army National Guard are invading your cinema previews this September and October. I found this out when Kristen and I went to see Tropic Thunder this past weekend at the Garden in Greenfield, Massachusetts. With lyrics like, “Freedom ain’t so free” and “citizen soldier”, and some dramatic guitar solos… plus the fact that we were seeing a Ben Stiller movie– I actually thought it was a joke at first. But it’s not.

Kid Rock wrote the new song, ‘Warrior’, for a national recruitment campaign directed by Academy Award winning director, James Mangold for The National Guard. The commercial will air at movie theaters across the U.S. in September and October. Lucky you,  moviegoer (and future recruit, I’m sure). To get you pumped up before basic training, why not dowload the song at

The song can basically be summed up this way: “America! Fuck Yeah!” but… here are the actual Kid Rock lyrics:


So don’t tell me who’s wrong or right when liberty starts slipping away
And if you ain’t gonna fight, get out of the way
‘Cause freedom ain’t so free when you breathe red, white, and blue
I’m giving all of myself, how about you?

And they call me warrior
And they call me loyalty
And they call me ready to provide
relief and help, I’m wherever you need me to be

I’m an American warrior
I’m an American warrior, citizen soldier
Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww yeah!

I’ll never leave another behind, I will never accept defeat
I’m a soldier in war, civilian in peace
‘Cause freedom ain’t so free when you breathe red, white, and blue
I’m giving all of myself, ’cause that’s what I do.

And they call me warrior
And they call me loyalty
And they call me ready to provide
relief and help, I’m wherever you need me to be

I’m an American warrior
I’m an American warrior, citizen soldier
Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww yeah!

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  1. I love these recruitment ads with artists and celebrities who sing about fighting for the country instead of actually, you know, enlisting and actually fighting for the country.

    The next time I want dinner, instead of making it myself, I’m just going to sing a song about how someone else should make it for me.

  2. not sure if you are the one who commented on my own post about this song, but I’m glad other people thought it was as creeper as I did. I thought it was ridiculous and had to have been a joke too. Oooh how wrong we were. It’s almost hilarious how silly it is, if it wasn’t so disturbing.

  3. of course, you know that Kid Rock didn’t serve in the military. Granted, he’s 37 but the Guard takes people up to 39. Plus he already blew his chance to serve in Desert Storm

    Unfortunately, I saw this video at the theater today. Almost puked up my popcorn!

  4. @Al
    Yeah, somehow I don’t see people flocking to sign up for the National Guard, so it’s great to think about my tax dollars being used to make a music video for Kid Rock.

  5. I served in field artillary and was a mp, and a special forces solider at 19th group training camp, and when I saw the add”the kid” should have special ops guys we shed the most blood, since he never served in the military

  6. US IMPERALISAM AT ITS BEST. Join the ANG and become a hero,
    BS join the ANG and become a tool of the corperate US war machine, fight for their profites not for what is right.

  7. None of you punks ungrateful bastards breathe the Red, White and Blue to know about the sacrifices that people like me provide for your freedom. Instead of talking crap about the video, why dont you grab a rifle and fight for your country and freedom, because it aint for free, American Warriors bleed every day to give you that privilege. So, instead of blogging about how bad the video is, blogg about how grateful you should be to them.

  8. @SemperFi – Wow. Um, a couple things:

    1. I might have a little more respect for your comment if it wasn’t so cliched and unoriginal. Try inserting an original thought with a rational argument instead of the usual “love it or leave it” shpiel, and maybe I’ll listen.

    2. You obviously didn’t even look at any of our other posts. This isn’t a blog about bashing the military, nor is it even a political blog. It’s mainly a humor site about music and pop culture.

    3. Try not to sound so self-righteous next time. If you believe in what our military is (supposedly) fighting for, by all means, do your thing. But don’t expect everyone to agree with you. I mean, didn’t soldiers fight and die in the past so that we can basically post about whatever we want? Freedom of speech and all that?

    In conclusion, it’s not necessarily the fact that we’re against the military, it’s more the method of recruitment that they’re choosing. But I guess we can’t expect everyone to understand a fairly simple concept.

  9. ‘been to the movies yesterday and got that in my face (I live elsewhere, didn’t come in the US for the past year). Instantly I though Germany 1930’s all over again. Wake up guys. This ain’t about Freedom. It’s about putting your boot on somebody else’s face. They won’t like it…

  10. @SemperFi

    This is to Semper Fi:

    You have been fooled, my friend, by a for-profit, private military industry that spends billions of dollars in advertising to make you believe that somehow your world is ending and the only solution is to use their products. The ads and messages will use whatever it takes to get you excited: the flag, some rock music, explosions, 9/11, threatening your freedom, whatever it takes. I am not saying that threats to your freedom don’t exist, but the point is to stir your emotions and make you “pumped” to “take action” and then they only provide you with 2 choices:
    1. FIGHT/USE THEIR PRODUCTS: Put on a uniform (a decent profit), grab a rifle (great profit), jump in a tank (huge markup $$$) and risk your life (cost of doing business – your casket is made of pine or cardboard). And hey, it costs you nothing up front – in fact, the military will pay you a little.

    2. GET OUT OF THE WAY: Don’t use their products, you pussy, and feel horrible about yourself because “you hate America”.

    It’s a sad trick, and a lot of young people fall for it.

  11. ya are men and women did fight for us to be able to be free and have a say. but they didnt fight for ungratful pricks like you. do you know how many men and women have died for this country? the greatest of all countries? do you relize the threat thats out there? seriously i dont think you get it. they want to kill you shoot you dead or blow you up on the spot. no questions asked. thats how serious it is. if if you are a loud mouth selfish pig that takes his freedom and country for granit. its sad man. its sad that you dont live or stand for anything i feel bad. i really do. i wanna go back to these courageous men and women fighting for us. ya they did fight for you to have these rights . you only like the u.s. when you can get sometihng from them. u bad mouth them and say how bad they are but you want to use ur rights funny how u only like what gets you a step up . shouldt you be against it all? you cant just pick and choose you either love this country with ur all or u pack up ur shit and get out of here noone is keeping u here. it makes me sick ppl sit there and say they hate the country but when someone says to shut up they start saying all the rights that they have. and that theey are garunteed them which is true but like i said u cant be that one sided at one time and them demand ur rights. theres a wrong and right way to speack out. talking down about our men and women and saying how bad u hate this counrty is not the right way. thats what i dont get . if you hate this country so bad leave get out we dont want you here.

  12. @Levi – Levi,
    Which user are you addressing? The people that died for me died in WWII, and I give them my full respect. What separates America’s system from others’ is that if you don’t like something, YOU SPEAK OUT AND CHANGE IT. That’s called PATRIOTIC.

    I love my country, and it is as American as apple pie to point out something like misuse of military spending. I disagree private companies that profit by perpetuating war, then try to trick kids into signing up by re-creating happy scenes from Iraq that don’t exist. I have a friend who was a CBS camera man in Iraq for 6 years. He said after watching this ad that most likely the soccer playing kid would have been held for questioning while the soccer ball was tested as an IED, but occasionally soldiers just shoot out of fear.

  13. @Levi – Just a little bit of advice: if you want to be taken seriously, try not to look so unintelligent when you pose an argument. Your comment is full of misspellings and grammatical errors, and makes you look plain stupid.

    Nowhere in our post nor in any of the comments does anyone state that they “hate this country”. Disagreeing with the actions of our government does NOT equal hating America. It speaks to your level of intelligence that you’re unable to comprehend the difference.

    If you can’t post a coherent, articulate argument, don’t bother, because I can’t be pained to try to translate the gibberish that you posted.

  14. @Levi with a shout-out @jamie
    In the interest of making an effort to being more open minded, I’m going to go on record as saying that we at Songspeak are not intelligence-snobs (I mean, have you SEEN our other posts?). Please continue to comment. Still, as Jamie pointed out, know that your comments are difficult to read. Patriots proofread, you know.

    Regarding the intent of this post, I was mostly horrified about the method of recruitment. I actually have quite a bit of respect for our soldiers, most of whom seem to be normal dudes who are trying to put food on the table… This commercial, however, is just tapping into adrenaline and machismo. It’s trying to trick young men into thinking that they’ll become some sort of action hero. And that bothered me. Because I’m pretty bummed out whenever I hear about how difficult it is for soldiers who return from the war and try to return to ‘normal life’, or who are severely injured, or whose families are told that they lost their loved one.

    Pro-war or no, that’s the harsh reality of the situation.

    And… I think it’s crazy how it’s perceived that someone is not a ‘patriot’ or doesn’t support ‘freedom’ unless they blanket-support everything pertaining to our war efforts.
    I found myself being annoyed at people who hung or displayed the American flag for awhile and then I caught myself– why should they get to do that and I can’t, just because people will start thinking that I support the war or whatever. And that’s just crazy, because IT’S OKAY TO BE PROUD OF YOUR COUNTRY AND DISAGREE WITH THE GOVERNMENT. And I am. We live in a land of opportunity, and it’s up to us to continue to define and re-define our ideals and goals.

    Government was created by and FOR the people. It should always have our best interests in mind. And time and time again, I feel like this concept has escaped many of us. They should not tell us what to do and how to think. It should be the exact opposite.

  15. @matt – Absolutely!

    Dissent IS inherently American and patriotic…if it were not for those who questioned how they were governed, we would still pay tribute to the British monarchy.

  16. QUESTION! What does NASCAR (non athletic “sport” centered around rednecks) have to do with the national guard? OH! and my god people, chill the fuck out. A few misspellings isn’t worth arguing over.

  17. Kid Rock has went into the Middle East to entertain American soldiers. John Wayne was never in the military, but he was a patriot and did a lot of good for America. Kid Rock, this disabled veteran “Thanks You” for all the support you have done for American soldiers, and in turn, America!

  18. I think a lot of people are missing the real issue, which is: That song that Kid Rock and Sheryl Crow did together is easily, easily, the worst song of all time.

    Kid Rock is music for dumb people.

  19. Do any of you pathetic liberal conspiracy theorie retards
    remember 911? I was there,I saw it all, and I can’t forget it.If you think the words “freedom isn’t free” are a cliche
    you should try living in New York City, where we know the next attack will most likely be, just like the last two were.

  20. Kid Rock wouldn’t make basic training, but for $ he will sing bullshit so some kid will sign up and waste his time when he or she should be in college.Th national guard is a waste of time, i know i was in, and it serves no purpose or jobs skills for the civilian market, no education , let congress sign their kids up for duty, Obama sign up your girls for national guard duty at 18.
    kid rock join the infantry if you like to sing about it and experience injury and deal with the VA the joke of all jokes

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