Back To The Future lot fire not started by bolt of lightning

The courthouse square made famous in the 1985 Universal Studios film, Back to the Future sadly was destroyed in a massive fire yesterday. Luckily it seems like the clocktower was spared. It would be hard to find someone born in the 70s or early 80s who hasn’t seen this now-classic film starring Michael J. Fox.

From what we can tell here at Songspeak, two things are certain: 1) The fire was not started by a bolt of lightning. 2) The Los Angeles County Fire Department unfortunately does not have any flux capacitors. Kidding aside, luckily no-one was seriously hurt. The fire department had a major water-pressure problem which caused a lot of challenges when battling the blaze. The fire also destroyed sets used in the film King Kong and tv shows like Monk and House. Here’s a couple perspectives regarding the fire:

And here’s the original trailer from Back To The Future:

There’s also all sorts of Back To The Future garb out there:

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