Big Tire Chunk

A couple weeks ago I was driving my wife, daughter, and mother-in-law down the highway. Every time we passed a tractor trailer truck on the left, my daughter diligently pumped her arm up and down, trying to get the driver to honk the horn. One of the truckers actually did it, much to her delight. There must have been a lot of trucks on the road that day, because we soon came upon a big ol’ piece of truck tire sitting in the middle of the two lanes. As I swerved a bit to avoid it, I mumbled, “Big tire chunk”. After a brief pause, my wife quietly said, “I love that show”. It took me a second to realize what she was talking about, but she was of course referring to Nickelodeon’s recent show, Big Time Rush, about a group of small-town guys in a boy band trying to make the big time. At the time, I kind of shook my head, but thinking back, I realize I must applaud the effort. I mean, after all, if you want it all, lay it on the line. It’s the only life you’ve got, so you’ve gotta live it big time.

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