BNL makes return to stage as four piece band at Universal Studios, offers up free live download

BNL_LIVE_UNIVERSAL March 7th, 2009 marked Barenaked Ladies‘ first show without cocaine crooner, Steven Page. It was at Universal Studios in Orlando Florida.

Drummer Tyler Stewart, who stated “I think we’re gonna be OK, Y’all!”, also posted more about the show on

The board tape from our first show as a 4 Piece band, live from Universal Studios, Orlando, March 7th at the 2009 Mardi Gras celebrations…

Upon listening you’ll hear us getting our sea-legs after a couple of songs. You’ll also hear our sound man of 18 years, Robin Billinton, figuring out where back-up vocals are coming from, as myself, Ed, Kev, and Jim all try to remember our new parts. There’s nothing like a good old fashioned Learning Curve to keep a bunch of seasoned pros on their toes! We hope you enjoy it… warts and all!!


or try THIS LINK if that one is busy.

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  1. After having listened to this a few times now. I have to say that Kevin is going to need to grow into the roll. I am a little worried about that. That said, I feel like the band’s general attitude was hopeful and while I did feel Page’s absence I felt it was both bad (his voice is pretty distinctive) and good (he could bring a level of negativity to the band).

    It was interesting to me that they ended the concert with a comment on the ‘New Era’ while finishing up with ‘When I Fall’ which if I remember correctly was the first song that was fully written by Ed.

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