BNL singer Steven Page arrested on cocaine charges in upstate New York

Having been to many a Barenaked Ladies show throughout the years, it’s unfortunate for us at Songspeak to learn that Steven Page was arrested on cocaine charges in Fayetteville, NY on July 11, 2008. He was charged with “fourth-degree criminal possession of a controlled substance” and is due to appear in Syracuse court on Friday, July 18.


From the AP article:

Police say Steven Page was charged with fourth-degree criminal possession of a controlled substance on Friday in the Syracuse area.

Authorities say the arrest occurred at about 2 a.m. after police noticed a suspicious car with its driver’s side door left open. They say they found Page and two women in a nearby apartment, along with cocaine and marijuana.

Barenaked Ladies recently released a cd of kids music called Snacktime, so this drug charge comes at a particularly bad time for the band.

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  1. I realize this post wasn’t full of the usual sarcasm and/or snide remarks, so I’ll post the IM where our friend Bill told me about this:

    (9:13:37 AM) Bill: Did you hear about Steven Page?
    (9:14:30 AM) Matt: no.
    (9:17:31 AM) Bill: Busted for coke.
    (9:17:36 AM) Bill: And not the cola.
    (9:17:46 AM) Matt: that blows.
    (9:17:57 AM) Bill Olander: Ha!

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