Breaking up with Garfield is hard to do

Even fictional comic strip characters songspeak. At least Garfield does, as seen in this 1983 strip:

In it, Garfield is referencing the 1962 Neil Sedaka hit, Breaking Up is Hard to Do. If I recall correctly, this is one of Jim Davis’ personal favorite Garfield strips. Know why? ‘Cause everyone loves songspeak.

And here’s the actual song in action:

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  1. I’m astounded by the lack of talent involved by simply photoshopping old Garfield comic strips by removing Garfield and getting away with being hailed as a genius. The best part about Garfield is that he has thoughts, but Jon can’t hear them. So Jon is insane ANYWAY for talking to Garfield, Odie, etc.

    My vote? Garfieldminusgarfield = LAME.

  2. Jamie, you do have a point… Jon Arbuckle is insane anyhow. I can’t claim that the comic strips aren’t funny without Garfield in them, though.

    Even Jim Davis thought so apparently since he’s agreed to let Ballantine publish them in a book.

  3. While you do have a point that he’s insane anyway.. I think there is a middle ground there. On one hand there is him talking to himself. On the other there is him talking to his cat who just stares back. The more obvious option would be to photoshop out Garfield’s thought balloons. Or possibly remove garfield and replace him with a picture of a less anthropomorphic kitty.

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