Bruce Willis is a total wine-er

Imagine it’s 1986, and Bruce Willis walks out onto the porch singing into a Seagram’s bottle….”Seagram’s…. golden wine coooler…. It’s wet and it’s dry!”. He sings next to the guitar guy, stops by to visit finger-snapping guy and the harmonica guy, and does some sort of fancy twirl next to the other guitar guy so he can sit down and sing to the dog.

Now imagine it’s 2008, and you’re hanging out in the East Village at Bowery Wine Company. Bruce Willis steps behind the bar. What do you order?! What do you do?!

If you’re like a lot of people in New York, you stand outside Avalon Bowery Place with a big sign to protest development of the neighborhood by rich people, and of course because Bruce Willis represents, YUPPIE SCUM or something.

Instead, maybe the protestors should just chill out with a Seagram’s Escapes (that’s what they’re called now), hang out on someone’s porch with a dog and a harmonica, and play some blues.