BYE! GOOD… Joaquin Phoenix suspends his acting career

joaquinbyegoodpic Walk The Line star, Joaquin Phoenix, announced last week at the premiere of Benicio Del Toro‘s movie, Che, that he will no longer make any movies and is suspending his acting career to pursue his music. Phoenix learned to play guitar and sing for Walk The Line.

From the AP:

“It’s like greener pastures, you know what I mean?” Phoenix said Saturday. “And so, I’m just going to try and like, I’ll just be doing the other thing. … Hopefully, I will emotionally impact you with that, as well.”

Early last week in San Francisco, Joaquin mentioned his decision to Extra.  The reporter thought he was joking.

Two Lovers, which also stars Gwyneth Paltrow and Vinessa Shaw will be Joaquin Phoenix’s last film.

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