Cadbury’s gorilla marketing

Cadbury ran an awesome ad campaign in the U.K. in 2007 to promote its Dairy Milk Chocolate Bar. Appropriately titled, “Gorilla”, it features a gorilla listening to Phil Collins‘ song, In The Air Tonight from the Face Value album. It also spawned the website, Glass and a Half Full Productions.

There’s a pivotal moment– wait for it… waaaaaait for it.

Many believed that Phil Collins himself was the drummer, but the gorilla performing the famous drum Phil-in sequence is actor, Garon Michael. Michael had some experience playing a primate having appeared in the movies Congo, and the Planet of the Apes remake.

After its premier week in September of 2007, there was a groundswell of fans clamoring to download the song. In New Zealand for example, it was number 1 on the RIANZ Singles Chart, beating it’s number 6 position when the song was originally released in 1986. In the U.K. Singles Chart it reached number 9. Not bad for a song released in the mid-80s.

Phil Collins has admitted he’s a fan of the ad, joking: “Not only is a better drummer than me, he also has more hair than me. Can he sing too?”

Thanks to Jamie‘s wife, Jo for providing the link.

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