Everybody’s working for the weekend

This week brought us labor day, Gustav, and the passing of Don LaFontaine and Jerry Reed. Jon Bon Jovi is building some stuff in Newark, New Jersey, and Kid Rock is gung ho about the National Guard (not enough to enlist, though, I’ll bet). We also were reminded of some classic misheard lyrics. And while…

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Sex, religion, politics, music, and Danza

This past week, much like last week, brought us some good times. Here are some of our faves from the past week. Jesus Christ, Katy Perry! The Today Show? David Duchovny wants to believe…that he can have sex with everyone on the planet Is MC Hammer ready for some football? Girl performs Carry On Wayward…

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It’s Friday; you ain’t got no job… you ain’t got shit to do

We posted a bunch of stuff this past week. Some posts made us laugh, some posts made us cry. When we got together over some burritos and diet pepsi last night to plot our takeover of the internet, we realized it may be awhile before global domination ensues. One thing is for certain however, songspeak…

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