‘Cause I live and breathe this Philadelphia cheesesteak

jimssteaks Ah, the holidays. It’s that special time of year where we travel around to holiday parties and spent time with parents, relatives, etc. My wife Kristen and I have family all over the place: Pennsylvania, Long Island, Eastern Massachusetts, Western Massachusetts, Florida… all this involves long road trips in the car and many family functions.

cheasesteakLast Christmas, Kristen and I decided to travel from N. Merrick, NY to Harrisburg, PA by way of Philadelphia, for the sole purpose of stopping at Jim’s Steaks on South Street for a cheesesteak.  It was a little over an hour out of the way, but totally worth it. We’re hoping to make this an every Christmas tradition, so both of us are looking forward to it this year and keeping our fingers crossed we can make it happen.

For Thanksgiving weekend, besides traveling with my mom to Long Island and back (stopping at Ikea briefly for some Swedish meatballs), we also attended a party in Acton, Massachusetts for my grandmother who turned 90. After the party, my mom, Kristen, and I were a little zoned out in the car on the way home… reeling from all the family shmoozing we had to do. My mom was asleep in the back and Kristen was the passenger. I was the driver.

Elton John’s, Philadelphia Freedom came on the radio and Kristen ever so subtly sang, “Philadelphia cheesesteak” whenever it was Elton’s turn to sing the actual words, “Philadelphia freedom”.

Now all I can think about is the sweet sweet taste of a Jim’s Steak cheesesteak sandwich whenever I hear this song from now on.