Comcast TV ads with terrible, yet clever puns

We love puns here at Songspeak, and we have to thank Comcast for the latest round of commercials with clever puns in them. There are quite a few: Everyone Loves Money, Save Big Bucks, More Bang For Your Buck, Don’t Pay Through The Nose, and many others. A commenter on AdFreak points out that Round Table Pizza, a chain on the West Coast, has similar types of ads (“Killer Pizza”, etc.)… See the Round Table Pizza ads here.

But here are a few of our favorite Comcastic pun ads in all their glory.

Everyone Loves Money

Save Big Bucks

A couple more after the jump….

More Bang For Your Buck

Don’t Pay Through The Nose

If only I could find video of my personal favorite, A Lot of Kids Programming. Anyone out there find it?

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