Comedy Night Done Right

Last night was the Comedy Night Done Right on NBC with season premieres of My Name is Earl, The Office, and ER. And amazingly enough, there were great songspeak moments in each of these episodes!

There was a scene in My Name is Earl where Earl’s dad (played by Beau Bridges) goes to confront an old neighbor who he had just found out had a fling with his wife years ago. As they’re waiting at the door, Earl starts singing Eye of the Tiger by Survivor. When the dude’s wife (who had taken years of self defense classes) starts pounding the holy hell out of his dad, Earl keeps singing.

The Office was awesome, as always. At the end of last season, Andy Bernard proposed to Angela (who is boffing Dwight Schrute on the side), and she reluctantly accepted. The Angela/Andy wedding plotline was only a small part of last night’s episode, but in one scene where Andy goes to Angela’s desk to talk to her, he references Umbrella by Rihanna by singing, “My Angela..ella…ella”.

Finally, on ER, Tony Hale (Buster Bluth from Arrested Development) guest starred as a patient who had broken his leg saving an old woman. He was a very talkative patient, and would tell anyone who listened how he was injured because he was saving someone. In one of his ramblings, he starts reciting song lyrics. I believe it was Hero by Mariah Carey because he finished with “and there’s a hero inside of you…ha ha, the song was right!”

NBC went 3 for 3 last night with the songspeaks. Kudos, National Broadcasting Company. Kudos.

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