Damn you, Toyota Trucks “Push The Limits” commercial

I don’t know who does the song used in the tv commercial for Toyota trucks, but it’s going to drive me absolutely insane. I don’t know about you folks, but up here in Massachusetts, they’ve been playing it on the local NBC station every two seconds. Consequently, the stupid “Push The Limits / How Cool Is This” song has been stuck in my head. I’ve been singing it constantly around the house and driving my family nuts.

Push the limitttttttttttts. How cool is thiiii—is?!

Fudge you, Toyota. I love/hate you for making this commercial.

Hey, songspeakers, do any of you know what band sings this song? I’ve scoured the interwebs, but was unable to locate info about who wrote this song.

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  1. we HATE this song. It’s just as bad as the stupid Hyundai commercial done by Pomplamoose. We cant change the channel or mute quick enough

  2. Well it’s all about advertising. I remember when only the wealthy people in our neighborhood had cable. The benefits were all color channels. More than 3 channels. NO COMMERCIALS. EVER. OF ANY KIND. Ironic isn’t it. Now we pay them to program us and waste 50% of our free time programming and that’s exactly what it is. Why couldn’t they alternate commercials? Wouldn’t that be more effective or stand a better chance at winning a teeny bit of appeal. THE ANSWER IS NO. Programming must consist of the same thing reiterated as many times as possible. To get rid of a shooters flinch induced from shooting without hearing protection it takes roughly 6,000 rounds fired with as much noise attenuation as possible to retrain (program) the mind NOT to flinch. Believe me THEY know what they’re doing and you wouldn’t like THEM if you knew what all and why they’re doing to anyone ignorant enough to expose themselves to this.

  3. How many years after waging war on a people would you wait to start selling them something that bore the name of one of the weapons used on them? Japan had the audacity to sell us cars made by undoubtedly the same companies that made the airplanes that bombed and shot many a US serviceman and woman to pieces in World War 2. The Mitsubishi Zero was one the biggest threats in the sky in those days and the Grandkids of men killed by them now ride in vehicles bearing the same name. I wonder if the Japanese would like to buy a surf board titled “Little Boy” one of the Nuclear Bombs dropped on them or what about selling them a spicy dish called “The Enola Gay”? The plane used to deliver said device. It’s just tactical or should I say tactless marketing. There are survivors of this terrible time of ignorance still living the memories of the tragedy of a horrible part of human history. It may not be that big of a thing to most. I’m sure it’s not. We’ve been so conditioned, so calloused by exposure to realistic and now REAL images of death online and even on mainstream media that we’re not that bothered by the screams of a civilian being beheaded while we all sit down to dinner. A smartass kid makes a disrespectful comment about the sounds of the execution and his Mom snaps, “THAT’S REAL DON’T LAUGH!” as she forks in a mouthful of steak and her kid uses the chance to compound the attention he received by mimicking the victim falling out of his chair gagging then laughing at himself. This is what we’ve deteriorated to? Ok, remember, they could never come do that over here!

  4. Too funny. We haven’t been able to figure out what the lyrics of the first part were – the closest we could come was “Bus-stop living”, which, while amusing, just didn’t seem to make much sense. Thanks for solving the mystery – now if we could only get rid of the commercial…

  5. I hate it so much I looked up to complain. Also from Boston and it’s on every break. It sounds like Black Sabbath backwards (and I like Black Sabbath)… Awful

  6. I’ve already bet my children’s eyes that it’s the guy from Ratt…unless it’s some magnifcent imposter like the guy’s from journey found to replace Steve Perry..or a crappy one like the guys from Foreiner or Boston use… in said case my children get to keep thier vision…

  7. Oh my good Limit Pusher, I’ve been looking for this song forever so I can play it on repeat for my newborn son so he can go up to be a man! Now with you’re help he’ll grow up pushing the limits, how cool is that? I can’t thank you enough!

  8. Limit Pusher Fan,

    Thank you very much for your kind words. I wish your newborn son the best of luck growing up to be a man. I think that your love of pushing the limits will rub off on your son quite nicely, and ensure that he lives a very cool life.

    In response to your possibly rhetorical question, I would like to respond with “Very Cool.” I hope that you are not offended by my decision to answer the question. In fact, I hope that my answer is satisfactory and is everything you hoped it would be.

    As a final word of advice, if you ever need a song to be the background in home videos for your son, and do not want that song to contain words (obviously if you wanted a song with words you would use the Pushing the Limits song), I highly recommend the following song:


    All the best,

    Limit Pusher

  9. Dear Alan Hays,

    I find it highly ironic that you suggest we go back to “elemtry” (sic) school and read! I love it! Were you trying to be funny?! If so, Great! Pushing the limits right there!

    If not though, I suggest you may want to check out elementary school yourself. There is no shame in some remedial spelling…it could save you some embarrassment in the future!

    All the best,

    Limit Pusher

  10. Dear All,

    I highly apologize – after reading my previous post I realized I have committed a most humiliating error! I misspelled your misspelling of “elemetry.” Classic Mixup, OOPS!

    Unfortunately I don’t think elementary school covers proper misspelling of other people’s misspellings – so I will just have to learn from this one myself.

    All the best,

    Limit Pusher

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