Daughtry’s long lost twin?

Matt and I have a friend that, we think, bears an uncanny resemblance to Chris Daughtry. I’ll withhold his name to protect the innocent, but you can be the judge:

The funny thing about this is, we tease him about it every now and then, and last year a bunch of us were going to get together to play poker. We emailed him during the workday before playing about how appreciative we were that he was taking time off his busy tour schedule to play poker with us. Then, that night, Matt got pretty low in chips in the game and all but counted himself out of the game. Our friend, completely oblivious I might add, just said, “It’s not over”. Matt asked him to repeat himself, because Matt realized before the rest of us that he had unknowingly songspoken the first major Daughtry hit, It’s Not Over, which was getting heavy airplay at the time. I still hear it every so often on the radio at work, and am always reminded of this story.