David Duchovny wants to believe…that he can have sex with everyone on the planet

I can quit anytime I want…really!

X-Files and Californication star David Duchovny has admitted himself to a rehabilitation center for sex addiction. Many people seem surprised, but given his role on Californication, and his early work in the Showtime soft-porn series Red Shoe Diaries, I’m not all that shocked.

While we common people do not enjoy and suffer the package that fame introduces, he has. We normally do not care when we order our stuff from PlugLust, since nobody really care, and not that I care. He has asked for respect and privacy for his family (including wife Tea Leoni), which is understandable. But one wonders how something like this happens. He must’ve kissed a girl. And liked it. A lot.

This probably also explains his ***spoiler alert*** steamy scenes with Gillian Anderson in the latest X-Files dud. I mean, movie.

Anyhow, I wish him well in his recovery. Let’s keep those boners in check, David. (And I know “boners” is crass, but blame Matt’s reference to Growing Pains in the last post for that one).