Day man, fighter of the night man

It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia is one of the greatest shows on television. It’s hard to sum up Charlie’s character if you’ve never watched the show, but Day Man is one of the best ‘Charlie moments’. It’s from the episode, Sweet Dee’s Dating a Retarded Person. It’s a pretty crude show. The premise of this particular episode is that the main characters, Frank, Dennis, Mac, and Charlie can’t tell if Dee’s new boyfriend is retarded, because he’s a well known local rapper and… it actually is questionable if you watch the episode.

Anyhow, realizing that having music at the bar they own together would be good for business, Frank, Mac, and Charlie form a band together. Charlie is kicked out of the band and replaced by Dennis, who is kicked out of the band shortly thereafter. Feeling defeated, Dennis finds Charlie huffing paint in his apartment, and the brilliant Day Man song is born.

Here’s a clip of the pivotal moment:

Here’s a clip of the actual performance in the bar:

Here’s what led up to Charlie getting kicked out of the band:

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