Destiny is a fickle bitch, Locke. One day you’re the chosen one… the next day you’re not

The Others are a band from Easthampton, Massachusetts (hometown represent, yo!) that writes and performs songs about the ABC tv show, Lost. If you’re a fan of the show, you’re in for a real treat with their songs. They combine a love for the Lost plotline, a keen sense of detail, and witty lyrics.

Some of my favorite lines from their songs:

“Destiny is a fickle bitch, Locke. One day you’re the chosen one… the next day you’re not.

“I was told by the Other woman about your other guy.”

“Will you marry me, Kate? I hope it’s not too late. We can start a family… you and Aaron and me”

Here is a song by The Others called “Primary Objective”:

Here’s another one of their songs, “Flash Forward”

There’s something amusing about how seriously the songs are sung, and yet the lyrics are just really about Lost. I wonder though, if non-watchers will find the same joy in these songs as I do. Regardless, Shannon Purcell, Eric Lee, Blake Girndt, Tommy Foster, and Gabe Sullivan who also make up their non-Lost band, The Thungs, seem to be cranking these songs out like nobody’s business. Each song is for sale on their myspace site. More videos of their songs after the jump.

“Greatest Hit”

“Love And Karma”

“Caught In A Net”


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  1. I wonder how long it takes them to write and record each song. It seems they come out with one every week for each new episode. And I doubt that anyone who’s not a fan of the show would “get” them. Insanely cool that they’re from Easthampton, though, as I’m sure the entire hardcore Lost fan community is aware of their existence.

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