Do I like the VW commercials featuring Balki Bartokomous? Well, of course not. Don’t be Ridiculous!

balkibeetle Ever see the VW ads with the old VW Bug speaking in a german accent? It’s none other than Bronson Pinchot, Balki Bartokomus from Perfect Strangers. The first round of these, produced by Crispin Porter + Bogusky, came out last year but have been appearing again lately it seems. There are some new ones too. They feature “Max”, a black 1964 Volkswagen Beetle. Ärgerlich, sehr ärgerlich.

They certainly do not make me want to do the dance of joy while watching them. For example, here’s a commercial where Max actually has the nerve to hassle the Hoff.

Here’s another one, where Balki talks about how cool Napster was. Topical…. NOT.

VW is using Max in all of its print, web, and tv campaigns, so I’ve had ample time to get sick of him. I get the whole iconic thing– using an old VW as a mascot is kinda cool, but the german accent thing kinda just comes across as douchey.