Do you really want to keep him out of the country? Do you really want to make him cry?

It seems everywhere you turn, Boy George is in the spotlight. Oh, wait…you mean it’s not 1983? Well, that hasn’t stopped Boy George from being in the news anyway.

It appears as though he was refused a visa to enter the U.S. because of an impending criminal trial in London. Looks like the Karma Chameleon has caught up with him for past transgressions, as the reason he was to travel to America was for a tour that would kick-off with a performance on The Today Show on July 7th.

Here is Meredith Vieria’s mind-numbingly scintillating interview with the pop icon himself:

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  1. Remember when Meredith V. suggested that “we could use some more street sweeping in New York”. Also how she joked about borrowing his hat? AWKWARD.

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