Don’t insult our intelligence, Subway!

I know we’ve been posting a lot about commercials lately here at Songspeak, but Subway has raised my ire like my ire’s never been raised before.

Last year, Subway ran a Scrabble promotion (similar to McDonald’s Monopoly promotion), and aired the following commercial for it:

This year, Subway is running the same promotion. However, since the last time, they now also have their Five Dollar Footlong promotion. Instead of coming up with a new ad campaign for this year’s Scrabble promotion, or even shooting a new commercial, Subway gives us this:

Do they think we’re not smart enough to realize it’s the EXACT SAME commercial? Or that they poorly photoshopped ads for five dollar footlongs all over the place?

We’re not stupid, Subway, so don’t treat us like we are. I would expect this kind of behavior from Arby’s, but not you.

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