Dungarees make me feel fine

This is a very short songstory from about 10 years ago.  Back then, when Matt was in college and still living in his parents’ basement, that was the hangout spot for everyone.  We’d watch TV, movies, play games, whatever.  We didn’t have no internet, but man I never will forget this songspeak.

We used to hang out quite often with Adam D., before his Killswitch Engage days.  Adam was always good for an obscure songspeak.  One night as we were getting ready to leave Matt’s house, I was talking to Adam about jeans, and for some reason, I called them dungarees.  Adam then sang, “Dungarees, make me feel fine” to the tune of Summer Breeze by Seals & Crofts.  It caught me off guard, and I lol’ed quite heartily.

Sometimes I miss those days in Matt’s old house. Matty Movie Madness nights were a grand tradition. Oh, the days of yore.

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  2. Jessica-I own a Gibson, but not the Hummingbird..nice!Ellen-Thanks Ellen, you too, are you thrift shppiong…I want to go!Jenny-I know aren’t there feet cute~ Happy Friday to you~Kolleen-Thank-you! It took awhile, one last spring and recent pics! I try to just stand real still, then they don’t seem to notice me!I’m happy I made you smile~Lorena-I remember, you are right, not in Alaska, either! What is your weather like, now?! Michele-You mean you haven’t seen one or do you mean, not yet this season?! Alex-Thank you; it took time and patience, but so worth it. They dart and chase each other, fun to watch!Wanda-I know, me too! Thanks for stopping by!

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