Everybody Wants Something

Over the past few days, my wife has been re-watching her all-time favorite TV show on DVD, thanks to Netflix. Degrassi High. I watched the series with her once years ago (I had bought it for her on VHS tapes in the dark ages before DVD’s were all the rage), and it’s really something else. Let’s start with the opening theme:

You have to admire any TV show that has the gall to open the show with a gratuitous shot of a jeans-clad teenager’s asscrack. You don’t see that very often. As I watched some of it with her, I’m reminded of all the old (horrible) characters (some of which appear as adults in the next generation series).  However, I had forgotten about the 3 dorky main characters (Joey, Snake, and Wheels) and their band, The Zits. And their terrible song. Which I’ve had stuck in my head for the past couple days:

What a sweet, sweet tune. And after watching the video, it reminds me of Matt’s high school band, Gemini (or was it Detour? Or Poppo Smiley?). This video seems totally like something they would have done back then. Only instead of Everybody Wants Something, it would be Future Shock.