Everyone is cooler than Mike Posner

Every day on mix 93.1, I’ve been hearing Mike Posner’s Cooler Than Me. And every day it grates on my nerves just a little bit more. Mike, I don’t think I’m cooler than you, I know I’m cooler than you. And I’m a bald dude in my mid 30’s that’s as dorky as they come. In fact, I’m pretty sure everyone is cooler than you. No one wants to listen to you whine that you’re being neglected by some skank. I don’t care if you’re on the radio, or if you’re even moderately successful, you really just do seem uncool. Your music is bland and you sound like every other boy band reject. And then I saw the video for the song…whoa, Justin Timberlake much? Maybe you should change your name to Mike POSER.

Heh, nailed it.

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  1. Every time that dumb song comes on, I rush to change station or turn off the radio altogether. It just makes me cringe! Can’t stand that little whiner, he’s got nothing that could be considered cool. He’s average in every way! So yeah, I’d have to say; Mike Posner, EVERYONE IS COOLER THAN YOU!

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  5. I have looked through a portion of your site.

    From what I can tell, you seem to focus quite a bit on complaining. Yet, in the above post, you tell Mike Posner that “no one wants to listen to you whine…”, without realizing your own irony.

    Why would you post a picture of any artist, or any person for that matter, with the word “Loser” on their forehead? Would you like it if someone posted your picture somewhere with an insult right on it?

    Whether you like a particular song by an artist, you have to respect the fact that they tour the world to entertain us. And when there is a crowd of however many thousands of people, they go out there and perform.

    And you have the audacity to hide behind your computer like you’re somehow entitled to provide criticism… I haven’t seen a post about you making any art at all. Unless trying to bring other people down now counts as art. Check yourself.

    Also noted: it looks like a lot of people are engaging you through the comments, but the majority of it appears to be spam.

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