Febreze likes to keep things fresh. And by fresh, I mean dishonest.

Don’t get me wrong.  I love Febreze. I think it smells delightful. But there is a new Febreze commercial out that annoys the shit out of me whenever I see it (typically in the morning during the Today Show). Let’s take a look at the commercial first, before I proceed to rip it a new one:

Let’s start with the obvious: WTF is up with their voices? The audio is clearly dubbed in for both the mom and son, and it even seems that it’s not even the voices of those actors. I mean, seriously. It’s like they want the kid to sound like the generic prepubescent kid from the Simpsons or something.

Now, let’s pick the rest of this thing apart. The mom tells Karl she thought he had friends coming over. Look at this kid. No way in hell he has friends. But we’ll give him the benefit of the doubt. Then she notices how messy and smelly his room is. And it truly is a pigsty. There’s crap everywhere, and most likely crusty bodily secretions all over the place. (She notes how bad the chair smells, and if I were her, I wouldn’t put my face so close to it, as you just KNOW he’s been sitting on that chair bare-assed every night for the past week). And the mom’s like, “oh, we’ll just clean with Febreze”. That’s fair enough to cover up Karl’s wretched stink, but look what happens when she starts spraying…the mess in his room magically disappears without either of them lifting a finger! That is a truly amazing spray!

Then, the kicker. Karl’s “friends” show up. Now, when his mom said he had friends coming over, after the shock of realizing he had friends, I figured they would just be a couple of nerds coming over to play Dungeons & Dragons or something, but it turns out to be a couple of cute girls. Yeah, right!!! Like either of those chicks would have anything to do with that pimply-faced dweeb. Then the blond chick seductively tells Karl how nice it smells in there (points for the audio possibly actually being her real voice), and he puffs his chest and acts like he’s responsible for the state of his room. What a d-bag.

So Febreze would like us to believe that a) spraying their product will not only improve the odor of your room, but also magically clean any messes within it, and b) if you’re an ugly awkward teen boy, spraying Febreze in your room will make cute girls want you to take their virginity. Who are the ad wizards that came up with that one?

But still, it’s the audio that bothers me the most. When that self-righteous little prick boasts that he likes to keep things fresh because it helps him concentrate at the end, I just want to reach through the screen and wring his scrawny little neck til his head pops off. Then dropkick it across the room.

So kudos, Febreze, on crafting one of the most ridiculous commercials in recent memory. I hope you burn in a hell that stinks like Karl’s room for eternity.

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  1. TBH,I’m glad they dubbed it/redid it(though rather badly). At least the girl at the end in the newer one saying ‘hey,smells nice in here.’ does’nt sound like such a slut,as in the first version. In the 1st version,it sounded like she was propositioning the dork,by way of voice intonation. The words may have been ‘hey,smells nice in here’,but the tone was ‘hey wanna f***?’ Ugh. Not very classy. Nevertheless,both are still annoying,though not as annoying as certain other commercials,most of which involve dog products. IDK why,but those commercials irk me even more than the annoying febreeze commercial. Most commercials are dishonest,by saying their product&their product alone,can work miracles/tastes better than the rest,etc.,but it’s worse when they’re annoying as all hell. And most of them are. I always have a ‘back-up’ channel to turn to,when commercials come on,anymore,for that very reason. (:

  2. For at least SEVEN fkn years now they have been running this overdubbed piece of nerve wracking crap. They changed the actors. I’ll bet they were thinking ” these dumb fucks don’t know an overdub from a hayseed. Lets put new shitbirds in the ad and cash them checks”!

  3. Are we still in High School? These comments I would expect from a freshman, sophomore, or even possibly a junior in HS. Don’t you know… In the end the nerds get the chicks that turn out to be hot because the muscle heads are too busy looking at themselves in the mirror. Besides, there are decent people out there that don’t care about the pity little stuff that your explaining in your post. Besides, I don’t see your face (however ugly or mediocr it may be) on an tv show or commercial.

    Let’s grow up a little.

  4. I don’t object to the actors so much as the mom saying “wash it” – the phrasing is strange. Typically, you would tell a kid to “clean it” in reference to their pigst, err, room. Also, no mom of boys that i know would ever let their teenage boy have girls in his room anyway. Drives me nuts!

  5. What is more concerning is that after he sprays it, he gets “under the spray” so it gets all over his face, eyes, and then goes into his lungs. I’m not a scientist or a genius but how healthy can this be?

    Older generations know not to breath in fumes but when younger generations watch this will they understand?

  6. Well, it’s late 2016 and this ghastly, stupid ad is still on, insulting us! Then there is the one where there is a trash can full of garbage and trash. “Oh, let’s spray instead of taking the damn thing out to the trash’. I will never buy this product! I don’t care if it smells good. The ads stink and just thinking of them, makes me sick.

  7. Okay, let’s accept that no real mom would act this way and no cute girls would visit this guy. So, what is really being sold here?
    I have a theory…. well, two, actually…..
    I just saw this ad on space channel (Canada) during a Star Trek marathon. You can’t get geekier than that. No mom’s or girls expected (though I’m both, I admit to being a statistical anomaly in my spare time). So I posit that they are trying to sell to geeky boys as a primary audience. Or, more maniacally, to the moms of hopeless geeks who wish to lure girls to their sons in the forlorn hope of future grandchildren.

  8. Amen! The other ad for Febreeze that makes me turn off the radio is the pseudo-pop song. “I Live You but Sometimes You Stink.” Get a new agency. I’m almost ready to stop buying febreeze!

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