Five songspeaks in one day… Nice

Sadly, I didn’t grab a screen shot earlier, but had a total of FIVE songspeaks today. FIVE. FIVE SONG. FIVE SONGSPEAKS. Kudos must be given whenever kudos are due.


Showing here is a semi-chopped kind of screenshot showing 4 of the 5.

Here are the five. That editorial staff sure is clever.
Tattoo youRolling Stones

Careful with that AxePink Floyd

Millions of PeachesThe Presidents of the United States of America

Wild OneIggy Pop

Message In a BottleThe Police (this story ran earlier in the morning)

Well done, MassLive.



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  1. I am impressed! I hear songspeaks all the time on Sandbox the WFNX morning show. It makes me giggle on the way to work. They are the kings of the morning commute songspeak as far as I’m concerned.

  2. Thank you, thank you — I will gladly accept those delicious kudos for the rest of the editorial staff. I only wish we had room in that promo box for the full title I had hoped for: “Careful with that Axe Body Spray, Eugene.”

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