Fredde Gredde performs medley of tv theme songs by cloning himself: slightly creepy but not that bad

So on the heels of watching the very awesome sci-fi thriller movie, Moon, starring Sam Rockwell and then of course co-starring Sam Rockwell, I was reminded of Fredde Gredde (Fredrik Larsson), a guy from Sweden who also doubled himself up using video trickery for this extra special YouTube medley of tv theme songs.

That’s right, two Fredriks for the price of one.

Thanks to LinkFarm, who posted about this last week.

Two and a Half Men,
The Simpsons,
Family Guy,
Married with Children,
That 70’s Show,
Big Love,
Freaks and Geeks,
Malcolm in the Middle,
The Office,
The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,
True Blood,
Charles in Charge,
The Big Bang Theory,
How I Met Your Mother,
Mission´╗┐ Impossible,

The medley is a tough thing to do right, but when it’s done well, it can be quite entertaining.

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