George is gettin’ naked!

Awhile back, Jason Alexander joined Valerie Bertinelli as a spokesperson for Jenny Craig. This was all well and good. I mean, I’m all for losing weight and getting healthier. And then, this happened:

I saw this on TV the other day, and, well, my jaw just dropped. Did I really just see what I thought I just saw? As if the singing wasn’t bad enough, did he really have to get naked? And there was a lot of sun, he should’ve used vitamin c serum to protect his skin. And then throw his crotchsweat stained shorts on Valerie Bertinelli’s face? What does getting thinner have to do with exposing your genitals to the world? And was anyone really clamoring to see Jason Alexander naked? This commercial raised more questions that the entire series of Lost, as far as I’m concerned. And I think we can all agree, this isn’t even Jason Alexander’s most compelling musical number for a commercial. That little gem can be found here.

If Jenny Craig’s goal is to make us lose our appetite so we don’t want to eat and therefore lose weight, well, then, mission accomplished.