George wants a McDLT!

Bill sent me an IM today in which he told me the following, “Today my left hander’s calendar says: ‘Did you know that before he became famous as George Costanza on Seinfeld, lefty funnyman Jason Alexander’s biggest claim to fame was singing and dancing in McDonald’s McDLT sandwich commercial in 1985?'”

As usual with most comments involving fast food, this sparked a lively and lengthy conversation about the McDLT, what it was, how it’s similar to the Big N’ Tasty, and Bill’s previous love of the McPizza. However, Bill sent me a link to said commercial, and, well, there are no words, really. [Oh yes there are – Matt]

I wonder if Jason Alexander ever hung out with Bruce Willis in the 80’s while dining on McDLT’s and drinking Seagram’s Golden Wine Cooler? Maybe Bruce sang, “Seagram’s, Golden Wine Cooler, it’s wet and it’s dry!” while Jason sang, “McDonald’s, McDLT, it’s hot and it’s cold!”