Get your Fixx of the Saved By Zero Toyota ads

Toyota has been running an ad campaign to advertise their 0% financing lately which uses a remade spruced-up-for-tv version of Saved By Zero by The Fixx. I’ve been seeing these on television for quite awhile now and the song has been pounded into my skull so much that I walk around singing “Saaaaaaved byyyyyyyyyyy zeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerooo” on a regular basis. It wasn’t until recently, when Kristen mentioned that a friend had remarked about the original version of the song by The Fixx, that I connected the dots and realized it was a bastardized cover. Oh, what a feeling.

From Autoblog:

According to Bob Carter, general manager of the Toyota Division, the “Saved by Zero” ad campaign is building traffic and may be renewed when the program expires on November 3 (of course, he won’t tell us now because that may slow traffic down again). Dealerships are reporting an increase in sales leads due to the no-interest financing, and the drastic sales declines in September seem to have eased-off a bit so far this month.

The commercials go a little something like this:

Here’s the original version by The Fixx. It’s almost unrecognizable from the above.