Glorified version of a pelican

Remember about 15 years ago or so when Pearl Jam was mega-popular? Flannel and grunge were in, and Kurt Cobain was still alive. As a matter of fact, Matt’s and my friendship blossomed in high school while riding the bus home together, talking about music. Mainly Queen, and this cool new band Pearl Jam.

That's right, bitches. I can hold 25 pounds of fish in my beak. Jealous?

Their debut album, Ten, was huge, and we would dissect every song. I remember being in college at WPI and how anticipated their sophomore release was. Both Matt and I purchased Vs. on CD (remember those?) when it was released, and though the general opinion seemed to be lukewarm, I thought it was a great album. I still hear many songs from it on the radio to this very day.

One of my favorite tracks from that album is Glorified G, where Eddie Vedder incessantly repeats, “Glorified version of a pellet gun”, except it really sounds like he’s singing “Glorified version of a pelican”. The song would be infinitely better if those were the actual lyrics, though, because the song itself is kind of a downer, being that it’s all about the testosterone-driven, paranoid, gun nut culture that we live in.

Anyway, I guess what I’m saying is: Pelicans are the shit.

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