Godspeed, Paula Goodspeed

Former American Idol contestant Paula Goodspeed, who apparently had an unhealthy obsession with judge Paula Abdul, committed suicide not far from Abdul’s home in Los Angeles.

From abcnews.com:

Paula Goodspeed, 30, was found dead, an apparent suicide, Tuesday evening in her car, which was parked a few doors down from Abdul’s Los Angeles home. Reuters reported that prescription pills, along with CDs and pictures of Abdul, were found in the car.

“It appears to be a suicide by overdose,” Detective Robert Bub of the Los Angeles Police Department told Reuters.

Now, I must say, I usually feel like offing myself after watching any new episodes of American Idol, so she can hardly be blamed. And if it was an overdose of prescription drugs, it just sounds to me like she was imitating her idol, who is constantly effed up beyond coherence on some kind of pills and/or alcohol. They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Here is Paula Goodspeed’s audition from the show:

In all seriousness, is anyone surprised? Many of the people who audition on American Idol aren’t exactly what I would call “stable”. And when you get ridiculed in front of (and by) the person you look up to the most, it’s enough to push a lot of these people over the edge. Just chalk this up as another reason I hate American Idol.

And joking aside, the friends and family of Paula Goodspeed have lost someone they love and care about. I wouldn’t wish what they’re going through on anyone. Our thoughts go out to them.