Good Ole Tom’s: Gold is at a twenty year high

Here in Western Massachusetts, we’re actually closer to Hartford, CT than we are to Boston, so we wind up seeing a lot of commercials for establishments in the Hartford area. Local/regional commercials are the best!

The ones for Good Ole Tom’s in East Hartford is CLASSIC around these parts. Sure there’s the one about cleaning out your “chester drawers”, but I feel like these are the two best Good Ole Tom’s ads.

It’s important to know that “Gold is at a twenty year high!” (or is it “HA”?)

I especially love how the guy who says, “I found my old college ring…” sounds vaguely like Christopher Walken at first, and the first lady pronounces it “jurree” instead of “jewel-ry”.

Then of course there’s this lady, who is creepily petting her dog and talking about selling off her dead husband’s valuables…. who somehow injects H’s into various words… like “lohott more than I wahuz expehecting”

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