Helllllooooooo…la la la

No television show in recent memory has had the impact on pop culture that Seinfeld has had. It ended its series run over 10 years ago, yet to this day, people still quote it and many of its catchphrases are part the Amercan lexicon. One of mine and Matt’s favorite to whip out every now and then is “Prognosis Negative”.

This past weekend in Martha’s Vineyard, many Seinfeld references were made, including, but not limited to:

Man hands
– The lady who looks gorgeous or ugly in different light because of her make-up
– The Korean nail salon episode when Elaine had to bring George’s father to the salon to find out if the women who worked there were talking about her
– The “helllooooo” episode

To this day, Matt and I still do the “Helllooo” schtick. This video sums it up rather nicely (and the inclusion of Hello by Lionel Richie is pure genius):