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Lately I’ve been seeing tv commercials for an featuring Godzilla by Blue Oyster Cult. You know, the ones where “the giant guy is looking at the cars?” as Jamie said to me over an IM to me this morning. I was having a hard time remembering which of the plethora of auto sites (Carfax, Vehix,, etc.) it actually was.

Whenever I think about Godzilla (which… don’t worry, doesn’t happen often) I think about the time when Jamie won a 4-pack of tickets to a showing of Godzilla 2000 at Cinemark.

Jamie, (his fiance at the time, but now) wife Jo, myself, and my dad went to see this one very special evening.

Godzilla 2000, or Gojira ni-sen mireniamu as it’s known in Japan, is Takao Okawara’s version of the 1954 classic Godzilla. And even though there were films after the 1954 version, this storyline ignores that. It’s all about a UFO invading Tokyo and Godzilla fighting with it.


It’s interesting that this movie was made and released in 1999 in Japan. Remember all the Y2K crap that people were freaking out about?

Anyway, this is not to be confused with the really terrible Hollywood-i-fied version of Godzilla in 1998ish that Taco Bell sponsored. Taco Bell and the damn chihuahua dog in all their tv commercials. Oh, you don’t remember “I think I need a bigger box”? Jamie and I have been known to quote this from time to time even still.

Here’s video of that commercial:

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  1. I do remember that trip to the movies with your dad. I don’t remember where, why, or how I got that 4-pack of tickets, but I DO remember that it was for the grand opening of Cinemark in Hadley. And it wasn’t specifically for Godzilla 2000, I believe there were 5 or 6 movies we could choose from, and that was actually the least boring prospect of all of them. Jo fell asleep during it, and I honestly don’t recall one second of that motion picture. I just remember that your dad was there, and it’s a memory to last a lifetime.

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