I Always Feel Like, Geico’s Watchin’ Me

Geico’s done it again. They’ve put together yet another clever ad campaign that I get a kick out of. I can’t think of another company/product with so many simultaneous great ad campaigns, but it works for them. There’s the Geico gecko, the “so easy a caveman could do it“, the celebrities-assist-in-telling-an-accident story, and now the being-watched-by-the-money-you-could-be-saving campaign:

The best part about these commercials is that they utilize the 1984 Rockwell classic Somebody’s Watching Me. I used to love the video when I was a kid:

Chalk this up as another advertising win for Geico. I may not use them for my car insurance, but I sure do love their quirky out-there commercials. And any company that uses Rockwell in their commercials is gold, Jerry, gold.

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  1. Oh… My… Gosh I have got to let this out. I hate the money with fake eyes commercial with a passion. I cannot stand that song anymore. At first the song rendition was cool and catchy. Now I must do whatever I can to not hear the beyond annoying song and commercials. On top of that, they almost always show it twice in a row. INSANE!!!!

  2. Go fuck your self to sleep. I mean, hello…I am here to, based on evidence here of, inform you of a breech of contract…socially speaking.
    Attracting publicity under false pretense to occlude the prior henseforth agreed upon, under the condition whereof, you in fact, are just selling yourself publicity, good or bad, to keep your status quo alive…or dead. You are an insurance company. JUST and insurance company.
    Chop Suey!

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