I Always Feel Like, Geico’s Watchin’ Me

Geico’s done it again. They’ve put together yet another clever ad campaign that I get a kick out of. I can’t think of another company/product with so many simultaneous great ad campaigns, but it works for them. There’s the Geico gecko, the “so easy a caveman could do it“, the celebrities-assist-in-telling-an-accident story, and now the being-watched-by-the-money-you-could-be-saving campaign:

The best part about these commercials is that they utilize the 1984 Rockwell classic Somebody’s Watching Me. I used to love the video when I was a kid:

Chalk this up as another advertising win for Geico. I may not use them for my car insurance, but I sure do love their quirky out-there commercials. And any company that uses Rockwell in their commercials is gold, Jerry, gold.