I am on hold, with the State Parks Department…

I forgot to post this last week, but on NBC on Thursday night, Parks and Recreation illustrated a great example of songspeak. While much of songspeak consists of using song lyrics in everyday situations, a lot of it comes from making up lyrics on the fly to songs, usually involving the situation you’re currently in. Well, on Thursday’s episode, when most of the office was out on a hunting trip, Andy and April the intern stay in the office, because April needs to call the State Parks Department to give a tracking number. However, in a standard sitcom scenario, she’s on hold throughout most of the episode. When she leaves Andy there to listen in case anyone picks up while she’s in the bathroom, he starts making up lyrics to the song playing on hold. The song? A muzak version of the classic Air Supply hit All Out of Love. Andy sings his lyrics for April, and they are AMAZING. It sounds like something Matt and I would have sang back in the day. Songspeaks are best when the lyrics are made ludicrously dirty. And now, without further ado…Andy’s classic:

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