I keep forgetting what Eric’s apartment number is

Jesus, what the f*ck is Matt's cousin's apartment number?

This is just a simple little songstory from about 10 years ago.  Matt, myself, and a few others were going out to Matt’s cousin Eric’s apartment.  I don’t remember the occasion, but it’s possible we were staying there the weekend of one of the MixFests in Boston.

I don’t think Eric had been living there that long, because when we arrived at the apartment, we had to ring the buzzer for the appropriate unit. Well, Matt couldn’t recall the correct one at first, and as we were were trying to figure it out, Matt started singing, “I keep forgetting…what Eric’s apartment number is” to the tune of I Keep Forgetting (Every Time You’re Near) by Michael McDonald. I don’t remember if we had just heard it in the car, or what the deal was, but I remember it seeming out of nowhere and everyone being thoroughly amused.

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