I killed a squirrel

This songspeak is actually over 10 years old, but still one of my favorites. This was back when Matt and I worked in the Smith College bookstore and hung out with the Smithies.

Well, one day on my way to the bookstore, a squirrel ran out in front of my car and, alas, I ran it over. I was devastated as it was the first animal I’d ran over since getting my license. If I remember correctly, Matt arrived to work a little after me, and having taken the same road to get there, confirmed the kill.

Well, later that night, or maybe the next (who knows, it was 10 years ago!), Matt and I were hanging out with Lisa and Erica and perhaps others at my house, and in the midst of the evening, I announced, “I killed a squirrel”. Matt immediately responded with, “Isn’t that a Jill Sobule song?” referring to the 1995 Jill Sobule hit, I Kissed a Girl. That struck all of our funnybones and we all had a good laugh after such a tragic event.

I actually saw Jill Sobule perform a few years back at a NACA National Conference, and she did indeed perform this song, among others. I had forgotten that the amazing Fabio appears in the video!

Remember when his face got effed up by a bird on an amusement park ride?

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  1. Not to be confused with the Katy Perry song, which is pretty terrible… and lyrically kind of a ripoff of Jill Sobule’s version (which is also kind of terrible).

    Oh, and the Fabio picture is PRICELESS.

  2. I personally and quite fond of both the original Jill Sobule and the Katy Perry versions of the song… although they aren’t really versions of each other. (Although perhaps closer to one another than say the Incubus and Pink Floyd songs both titled ‘Wish you were here’). I’m told by a co-worker that the Katy Perry song is quite popular in the fraternities these days.

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