I wanna touch the light fajita in your eyes

fajitainyoureyesRemember that scene in Say Anything where John Cusack is holding a boom-box above his head an “In Your Eyes” by Peter Gabriel is playing? I think people have a hard time not picturing this image whenever the song comes on the radio. I know I usually do.

sayanythingWell, thanks to Bill’s recent comment on another misheard lyrics post about another member of Genesis, I will now also forever associate the word “fajita” with this song. Because, as Bill pointed out, it’s in the chorus.

That’s fine though, because fajitas are delicious. Jamie and I are big fans of chain-restaurant-i-fied tex-mex in general, and I think I speak for both of us when I say that we are big fans of On The Border. We’ve been known to go there on occasion. While he almost always orders the Superior Dinner, I almost always order the fajitas. His dinner thinks it’s so much better than mine,  but it’s so not.

By the transitive relation, I wonder now if eating fajitas will make me think of John Cusack, Peter Gabriel, and/or Say Anything.

Thanks a lot Bill.

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