If ya wanna hang with us, I don’t wanna hear ya cuss!

nocussingclublogoFNA, McKay Hatch, F.N.A. You’re standing up to peer pressure and a barrage of internet bullying and embracing your inner dorkitude, fighting the fight against the evils of bad words for the sake of humanity. All while going through puberty! It must be one giant P in the A.

From NoCussing.com

In spite of the thousands of e-mails from kids and adults around the world full of riddicule, abusive profanity, and even death threats, McKay Hatch (now 15 years old) continues to lead a worldwide movement that all started from a simple desire to have his friends stop using profanity.

Anyone else hear about this kid on NPR? He’s all over the place!

For his father, Brent Hatch, Raising a G-Rated Family in an X-Rated World is tough as a M.F. But he seems to have done a kick-ace job inspiring little McKay here.

I, for one, almost S my P when I heard this kid’s video, “Don’t Cuss!”. Dang, it’s catchy!

I think my favorite part is at the end of the video when Brent Hatch orders a double cheeseburger from a less than enthusiastic order taker in the drive-thru of a fast food restaurant.

Things take a somewhat awkward and creepy turn for the live version of this song from the WELL DONE awards though…

Don’t even think about cussing in the comments below. If you don’t like it, you can go S on a D.