I’m going back to Philly… Philly… Philly

Ladies Love Cool James… and Dennis, Frank, Sweet Dee, Mac, and of course Charlie. I’m pretty excited for Season 4 of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. It starts September 18th, 2008 on FX. Some of us here at Songspeak haven’t watched the show much, but others of us are fanatics.

Here’s a promo video they’ve been showing excerpts of on FX. It’s a spoof on LL Cool J’s Going Back to Cali.

Here’s the original video of LL Cool J’s Goin Back to Cali for your comparison viewing pleasure…

Have you noticed lately that LL Cool J sounds and acts like 50Cent on his new song, Baby? What the hell is THAT about?

Oh, and get these digital video discs. They’re wicked good.