“I’m on a horse!” – The Man Your Man Could Smell Like

I’m a fan of the Old Spice commercials in general,  but this one is just absolutely superb. The Portland, Oregon based Wieden + Kennedy created this ad featuring former NFL wide receiver, Isaiah Mustafa.

Amazingly, this commercial uses very little computer-generated effects. They constructed a set which consisted of a bathroom set, rest upon a half of a boat. They used a 50ft crane to position everything correctly.

They even used the motherflipping crane to position Isaiah Mustafa ONTO THE HORSE AS HE’S ACTING TOWARDS THE CAMERA. The only computer graphics involved are the diamonds and Old Spice body wash popping out of his hand.


Here’s an interview with the creative minds at Wieden + Kennedy for the Old Spice ads, Eric Kallman and Craig Allen where they spill the beans about everything that went into this commercial.

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